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  • 58 % said “I typically know more about a PRODUCT than the store associate
  • 46% said “I typically know more about the BRAND then than the store associate
  • 34% said “I typically know more about the STORE than the store associate”
  • 28% reported “I think store associates should be replaced by ROBOTS”
~As report by 2015 Connect Shopper Report, SalesForce Research


Build Advocacy - The in-store staff are powerful tools to build the success of the every brand. If they believe, really believe and understand your brands, they become our most powerful branding and marketing tool.

Retail Associates don’t have the trust of the customers anymore. They typically don’t have the training on specific brands and are incentivised to push certain skus. Customers do their research on line, and know when the store associates are bluffing.

Building Relationships at stores level creates opportunities….